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Welcome to the official website for the Winsford Swimming Club. Here you will find all you need from our swimming lessons, squad training schedules, open meets, all about us to club news. Get in touch by visiting our contacts page and one of our volunteers will be only to willing to help with your enquiry.


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30 JUN - TOP CLUB AT AQUABEARSaquabearsphoto
Congratulations to all 30 swimmers from Winsford who competed at the Rochdale Aquabears. I have to say this was one of the best weekend performances I have seen. We had so many youngsters racing and many for their first time at an away gala. The attitude, the professionalism and the racing was outstanding. I am always a positive coach and see the best in everyone but I was really so impressed with the whole team spirit. The results were incredible with over 90% PB Rate, 38 GOLD Medals, 34 SILVER Medals and 28 Bronze Medals, this takes our total of medals to 100 which is an amazing result. Not only did we win 100 Medals but we also gained TOP CLUB out of 26 Swimming Clubs taking part with a huge points total.

I know I go on a bit at times in these reports but it was a pleasure being pool side with all swimmers and again the future is so bright looking at todays results and seeing our young swimmers performing to such a high standard. It was also very nice of coaches from other clubs giving us such positive praise on how well our young swimmers perform their skills and technique in the race. A Swimming career is a long journey and the journey is exciting and all coaches from Winsford will be with you every single step of the way. I do hope all swimmers who were at Wigan read this as you all deserve to be praised and congratulated. Sorry I couldn't name all the medal winners as there just too many to go through!

Swimmers competing were: R Broadhurst, A Brown, T Carss, C Caulfield, A Clarke, A Crossland, D Dean, A Deeming, W Deeming, A Grindley, S Grindley, K Hawkins, C Howman, R Howman, O Jolliffe, I Kay, R Livesey, P Maskill, H McEnaney, O Morley, A Moss, E O'Grady, E Ranson, L Strickson, C Thomson, L Turner, L Wilkes, K Wilson, A Wright, E Wright. Winsford - Best Pound for Pound club around. Dan.

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On Sunday 21st June Winsford Swim Team took 7 swimmers to race at the joint Cheshire County and NW Regional Open Water Swimming Championships at Salford Quays. For 5 of our swimmers this was their first ever race in Open Water but this did not phase them one bit. All were taking part in the 1.5k swim except for Becky who was racing the 5k distance. On the day the results were fantastic they really were, we gained a fantastic 5 NW Regional Medals (of which 4 were GOLD Medals) and 6 Cheshire County Medals (of which 4 were GOLD Medals). Open Water is not for every swimmer but for our team we relish the challenge, on Sunday what pleased me most was the attitude of all 7 and their willingness to battle so hard in an environment which is still very new to most of them. It was great to see so many Winsford Swimmers racing at Salford and enjoying the event and enjoying the race. I know this experience will make each and every swimmer stronger for the future in the sport of Open Water. We are learning all the time and that is what great swimmers do, continue to learn and make progress. Every swimmer was fantastic, so congratulations to you all. We have some superb distance swimmers at our club and I know we will have even more swimmers racing at the NW Regional Open Water Championships next year.

It is also with great pride to announce that not only did we achieve so many medals but by winning the NW Region we added two New National Open Water Qualifiers, both Alissa Blackshaw in the 1.5k and Becky Alderman in the 5k will compete in Sheffield this summer a long with Jay, Dan, Henry and Alisha. This now takes our total of National Open Water swimmers to 6 and our total of individual National Qualifiers in the Open Water, British and ASA Nationals to 12 Individual and 3 more swimmers who will be adding to our Relay teams. This takes our overall total of National swimmers to a huge 15 Swimmers, Congratulations to all. Dan.

Results Were:
Jay Cushen (12): GOLD Cheshire County, GOLD NW Region.
Alissa Blackshaw (13) GOLD Cheshire County, GOLD NW Region.
Alisha Hawkins (14) GOLD Cheshire County, GOLD NW Region.
Becky Alderman (17-18) GOLD Cheshire County, GOLD NW Region.
Dan Hulme (13) SILVER Cheshire County, SILVER NW Region.
Henry Oliver (13) BRONZE Cheshire County, 4th NW Region.
James Adamson (13) 5th Cheshire County, 6th NW Region.

Winsford Swim Team took 23 swimmers to race at the Annual Long Course Liverpool Summer Sprint Meet. All swimmers raced with great skill with many new LC PB's, top 8 placings and Medals. On day one we accumulated a fantastic 16 Medals and on day two we gained another 16 Medals, bringing our overall total to 32 Medals. LC meets are not run that often, so it is very important for all swimmers to take the opportunity and gain that experience, especially for our younger swimmers. Well done to all who participated and represented Winsford Swim Team as the results again were outstanding.

Medal Winners were:
Jay Cushen: GOLD 100 BK, GOLD 50 BRST, GOLD 200 IM, GOLD 50 FLY.
100 FLY. 
Finn Armitt: GOLD 50 FLY, GOLD 100 FLY, BRONZE 100 BK, BRONZE 200 IM, BRONZE 50 BK, BRONZE 50 FREE. 
Rebecca Broadhurst: GOLD 100 BK, GOLD 50 BK.
Oliver Rose: GOLD 50 FLY, GOLD 50 BRST.
Amber Rose: SILVER 50 BK, BRONZE 50 FLY, BRONZE 50 Free.  
Ellie Cushen: BRONZE 100 BK.
Domi Dean: BRONZE 100 BRST.

Winsford swimmers earned the recognition of coming 3rd Top Club.
Congratulations to Ethan Jones who gained TOP BOY in the 12-13 Years Age Group and to Jay Cushen who gained 3rd Place in the same age group.
Lauren Haves, Hannah McEnaney and Oliver Rose all came in 3rd place with the Fina points in their age groups.
All Competitors who represented Winsford Swim Team to the highest order were: Alice Deeming, Amber Rose, Charlotte Thomson, Domi Dean, Ellie Cushen, Ethan Jones, Ethan Wright, Finn Armitt, Hannah McEnaney, Harry Armitt, Jay Cushen, Jodie Sale, Katie Wilson, Lauren Haves, Louie Goodfellow, Lydia Rose, Oli Egerton, Oli Rose, Oscar Jolliffe, Poppy Maskill, Rebecca Broadhurst, Rory Armitt, Will Deeming. Congratulations to each and every swimmer.  Dan.

Now we have processed all the initial entries to the time trial there are spaces in many of the races. If any Silver, Gold, Platinum or Juggernaut swimmer would like to take this opportunity to refresh some of their times please submit their entry form to wingalateam@gmail.com and then pay at the desk once you have received confirmation that your entry has been accepted. Please note that entries might be rejected when heats are full. Thanks Sue

Do we have any parents going to Aquabears meet who could officiate. Aquabears are in urgent need of officials for the meet. This is an urgent message for anyone who maybe able to offer their services on Saturday 27th at our meet for timekeeping. We are currently very short in this area needing around 6 for both sessions - Mark (Aquabears Coach).

11 JUN - ROLL OF HONOUR 2014-2015
See swimmers achievements for season (version2) - view file

Congratulations to all Swimmers who have qualified for the British Summer & ASA (English) National Championships 2015. This Year Winsford Swim Team has 10 Individual Swimmers and an additional 3 Swimmers in the Relays making the grade to compete against the fastest Swimmers in Great Britain and England. The total number of swimmers who will be competing will total at least 13 and with the 14-16 Years Boys currently in at 2nd reserve in the 4x200 Free Relay there is a possibility another relay team could be added to the ASA Nationals.

In order to gain qualification a swimmer has to gain a ranking place in the qualifying window to race in the National Championships. A very small percentage of competitive swimmers gain a National ranking place as competition for these places is very fierce with thousands upon thousands of swimmers battling it out around the country for the top spots. Winsford Swim Team has achieved a very large number and it again shows what can be achieved with complete commitment to the sport. It also shows how Winsford Swim Team are developing a very strong group of swimmers for the future.

Qualifiers are in age order:
Jay Cushen
- (12) - ASA National Open Water 1500m. -  Events: (1 Open Water)
2) Finn Armitt - (13) - ASA National (English) Summer Championships - 200 Fly. - Events: (1 English National)     
3) Dan Hulme - (13) - ASA National Open Water 1500m - ASA National (English) Summer Championships - 1500m Free.- Events: (1 Open Water - 1 English National)
4) Ryan Wheeler - (13) - ASA National (English) Summer Championships - 50 Fly & 100 Fly.  - Events: (2 English National)
5) Henry Oliver - (13) - ASA National Open Water 1500m - ASA National (English) Summer Championships - 1500m Free. - Events: (1 Open Water - 1 English National)
6) Alisha Hawkins - (14) - ASA National Open Water 1500m - British Summer National Championships - 400 Free, 800 Free, 100 Fly, 200 Fly - ASA National (English) Summer Championships - 50 Free, 100 Free, 200 Free, 50 Fly, 200 IM,  400 IM. - Events: (1 Open Water - 4 British National - 6 English National)
7) Adam Blackshaw - (15) - British Summer National Championships - 200 Fly - ASA National (English) Summer Championships - 100 Butterfly, 400 IM. - Events: (1 British National - 2 English National)
8) Isobella Burton - (15) - ASA National (English) Summer Championships - 50 Backstroke.- Events: (1 English National)
9) Jordan Gaskell - (16) - British Summer National Championships - 50 Fly, 100 Fly, 200 Fly - Scottish Nationals - 50 Free, 100 Free, 200 Free, 1500 Free, 200 IM. - Events: (3 British National - 5 Scottish National)
10) Brandon Sharkey - (17) - ASA National (English) Summer Championships - 100 Fly - Events: (1 English National)

Relay Qualifiers: 17 Over Mens: 4x200 Free Relay ASA National Summer Championships: Callum Chapple, Brandon Sharkey, Alex Law, Cameron Jones. 2nd Reserve for the 4x100 Medley Relay
14-16 Boys: 2nd Reserve: 4x200 Free Relay ASA National Summer Championships 

For Winsford Swim Team to gain 13 National Qualifiers is fantastic and it should be celebrated. I am sure it will spur on more swimmers next year to gain qualification to the British and English National Swimming Championships. 

I am sure all Members of Winsford Swimming club wish each and every swimmer competing in the British & ASA Summer Nationals all the very best and we also wish Hannah McEnaney all the very best as she will be competing in the Irish Nationals this Summer. Congratulations and work hard as the job is not done. - Dan

Well done to all the swimmers who competed at Wrexham this Sunday! Everybody was achieving PB's and it was great to watch. Our youngsters proved to be ready for competition with confidence and speed! It makes me happy to see how quick our youngsters grow up with the discipline and mind set needed for the gala ahead. Also one more thing behaviour was top notch, you all looked so professional prepping for races and making the helpers and my  job so much easier.

I'd like to make a special mention to the following swimmer who I thought excelled in their races so well done to: Kyle young who in each race knocked off a whooping amount of time for each race. Jonny mullet who even though he might have miscounted his backstroke turn he still swam through to the end and gritted his teeth to still come out with a PB!

Each and every swimmer did amazing this Sunday so well done again for giving me 110% like you do every time you go to galas! Just remember in order to succeed, you desire for success must be greater than you fear of losing! - Daniel

Congratulations to all 35 Swimmers from Winsford who competed over the last 3 weekends at Liverpool and Manchester. 2015 has been a record year for our club and our swimmers at the Regional Champs. The Regional Championships is the second biggest domestic competition of the year and the North West is without doubt the strongest region in Britain with Cheshire, Lancashire & Cumbria battling it out for honours.

25 Medals – 80 Finalist – 308 Points – Top 9 in the NW

Please see below, as the Results have been incredible with a record points and medal tally.

2012 - Combined points total for Youth and Age Group Championships: 91
2013 - Combined points total for Youth and Age Group Championships: 81
2014 - Combined points total for Youth and Age Group Championships: 134 - Combined medal total for Youth and Age Group Championships: 12
2015: - Points Total: 308 (174 point improvement from year 2014)
Medal Total: 25 (Over 100% improvement from year 2014)
Finalist: 80 (Record number of finalist)

The above results show how Winsford Swim Team has constantly improved year on year. Not only are we achieving more qualifiers but we are achieving more Finalist, more medallist and more overall club points. Our overall points total was 308 putting Winsford Swim Team in the top 9 swimming clubs in the North West, up there with the large City and Metro Clubs. The results have been staggering over the last 3 weekends and it just shows what a small town like Winsford can achieve in the North West of England Swimming Championships against teams who have a huge number of swimmers and clubs feeding into their programmes.

It has been a long 3 weeks but the results overall have been fantastic and it shows what strides we are all making. Well Done to each and every qualifier, I know we will continue to keep on improving and I know we will continue to progress, anything is possible for those who believe and work hard.

The full breakdown of all the results are in news and it is clear to see the range of Finalists and Medallist is vast with 22 swimmers reaching finals and all 35 swimmers contributing to our success as a club. - Dan

On our quest to conquer the west, Winsford did battle! Our swimming warriors came out with some tremendous swims, by smashing PB's and dominating medals! Some of our youngest swimmers swam in the thick of the fight staking their claim on the ladder. All together we won over 20 medals, a big well done to all the swimmers who competed this weekend:
Jodie Sale, Ellie Cushen, Domi Dean, Lottie Howman, Izzy Kay, Liadan Wilkes, Holly Weedall, Charlotte Thomson, Sophie Grindley, Katie Wilson, Poppy Maskill, Alex Moss, Aaron Grindley, Jonny Mullett, Louie Goodfellow, Josh Egerton, Oli Egerton, James Adamson.
I couldn't say that just one swimmer did particularly well, because in actual fact each and every swimmer put their heart and soul into every race. Spirits were high and support was brilliant. It's weekends like these which make me proud to be a coach! Through the ups and down we pulled through and achieved excellence!

We live to swim and we swim to live!!! - Daniel

Over the weekend of the 2nd & 3rd of May Winsford Team took a team of 17 swimmers to race at the Manchester L1 Open Meet. This meet was geared towards giving our swimmers race practice for the North West Regional Championships which are taking place two weeks on Saturday. The Manchester Open is always a strong meet, even more so this year with 69% rejection rate of all entries from all clubs. This did however give our swimmers the opportunity to battle against some of the best swimmers in the country. 
Our LC PB rate again was very, very high, our medal tally came to 12, we achieved many top 8 placings, and without doubt our racing was very fierce. It was a hugely successful weekend and it now leads us nicely into the Regional Championships and the Swim Conwy Meet which take place in less than 3 weeks.

Medal Winners were: Jay Cushen: 7 Gold, 1 Silver. - Adam Blackshaw: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze. - Finn Armitt: 1 Silver. -Alisha Hawkins: 1 Silver.
Winsford Swim Team were: Finn Armitt, Adam Blackshaw, Alissa Blackshaw, Izz Burton, Callum Chapple, Jay Cushen, Alisha Hawkins, Lottie Howman, Becky Howman, Dan Hulme, Ethan Jones, Nick Law, Will Murray, Henry Oliver, Brandon Sharkey, Ryan Wheeler, Ethan Wright.
Labor omnia vincit. Life isn't what you are given, its what you create, what you conquer and what you aim to achieve.  - See you at the pool. Dan.

Congratulations to all swimmers who raced over the weekend of 18th & 19th April at the Satellite Open Meet. We had 50 swimmers entered into this meet and all who raced did exceptionally well, again coming away with a huge medal total, extremely high PB rate and many more new NW Regional QT's. This meet was without doubt one of our most successful open meets, it was great to see such a large Orange Army travel to Macclesfield and cheer each other on and race with so much determination in every single race. Not only did we achieve so much individual success but we also achieved on a club level, gaining for the second year in succession the Top Club Award. This again shows the strength in depth we have right across the board from the 9 year olds just starting out right through to the open age groups. It was a whole club collective effort which made this last weekend so special for me.

Good Luck to Vicky Cunningham & Alisha Hawkins who will both be competing this week in London at the British Championships. Vicky is competing in the 100 Free (Tuesday) and 50 Free (Friday), Alisha is competing in the 400 Free (Wednesday) and 800 Free (Thursday). I am sure everyone at Winsford Swimming Club will be wishing you both all the very best. Dan.

Over the weekend Winsford Swim Team took 27 swimmers to the Stockport Metro L1 Long course Meet and 16 swimmers to the Wirral L3 Short Course meet. Over the weekend we had well over 40 swimmers competing for Winsford and racing to achieve their goals. 

Reports from Daniel are that the Wirral Meet was very successful with many medals achieved, new PB's and lots of race experience and race practice gained. 

Stockport was equally successful, this meet was geared towards race rehearsal in preparation for the NW Regionals in late May and early June. It was also a chance for our swimmers to put in some early ranking LC times in the hope of achieving a National place at the British and/or English Nationals which take place later this summer. Over the 2 1/2 days there were lots of racing and lots of positives to take away from the meet, so many new LC PB's, new NWRQT's & numerous finalists (14 years and 15 over - Jordan Gaskell - Becky Howman - Alisha Hawkins - Ryan Wheeler) and a National Qualifying Time. There were many outstanding swims and many individual highlights but for me the collective highlight of the weekend was the Friday evening for the 800 & 1500 Free races, Winsford Swim Team accumulated a Gold in the 800 Free (Charlotte Howman), 6th in the 16 years (Hannah McEnaney), Gold in the 11 years 1500 Free (Rory Armitt) Gold in the 12 years (Jay Cushen) Gold & Silver & 5th in the 13 years (Gold - Henry Oliver, Silver Dan Hulme, 5th Ethan Wright) and Gold in the 16 years 1500 Free (Jordan Gaskell). There were some incredible distance swimming for Winsford and so many very fast new Life Time Best Swims. Jay Cushen achieved the National Qualifying Time for the ASA Open Water National Championships, Jay needed a time of 19.24.40 he swam a time of 18.47.36, Well Done. This Open Water NQT adds to the one already achieved by Alisha Hawkins (time needed 9.35.80, time achieved 9.23.45). 

For the second consecutive year Winsford Swim Team have won the Crusader League Division 1. The Crusader League is made up of 3 divisions with clubs competing throughout the North Midlands and Cheshire, all clubs compete over 3 rounds and after round 3 the overall points are calculated and the positions are determined. We were going into this years competition as champions and we wanted to retain that title. Over the 3 rounds we have utilised every single swimmer in Juggernaut giving all swimmers the opportunity to compete and represent our swimming club. I mentioned in the last report of our strength in depth and this showed again on Round 3. We had 22 different swimmers representing Winsford for Round 3 from the team we fielded in Round 2 and the result was equally impressive. On the night in COSACSS we raced with great determination as we wanted to win on the night and overall and we did that with great skill.

On the night the points were as follows:
1st Winsford 275
2nd Crewe 236
3rd Leek 202
4th COSACSS 193

After all 3 rounds the overall points totals were as follows:
1st Winsford 842
2nd Leek 656
3rd Crewe 640
4th COSACSS 563

Thank you to all competing clubs (Crewe, Leek & COSACSS), hope you all have a great Spring & Summer season. Thank you to all team managers and time keepers without you the team would not be able to function. Thank you to all parents for supporting the Crusader League and supporting Winsford Swim Team. Thank you to all teachers and coaches who have contributed to the swimmers development over the years. The biggest thank you goes to every single swimmer, you did good! Dan.

Over the weekend of the 28th & 29th March Winsford Swim Team took a team of 12  (A Blackshaw - A Law - A Hawkins - Al Blackshaw - B Sharkey - D Hulme - I Burton - J Gaskell - N Law - O Capper - B Howman - R Wheeler) to the City of Sheffield Premier Meet to battle it out against some of the best swimmers in Britain including British Olympians, all swimming for qualifying times. Over the same weekend Winsford also took a team of 5 (C Pagett - E Wright - H Oliver - R Broadhurst - W Murray) to Derby for the annual SC meet over at Queens leisure Centre. The two meets were geared towards either LC practice and to gain some window ranking times &/or for Regional qualification. Over both meets the results were very promising with all swimmers equipping themselves superbly well. I was over at Sheffield and I have to say for a number of our swimmers this qualification window will be a very exciting time with already some great times posted so early on. We as a club will get stronger and stronger into Spring and Summer, I know that if you the swimmers can keep attendance and training standards consistently high in the lead up to Regionals we will go there and post some outstanding swims. Make the most of your Easter holidays and get to the pool and give yourself the best possible chance to gain success. We now have less than 3 weeks until Satellites Open Meet (last chance Regional qualification) and less than 8 weeks until North West Regionals (Last chance to gain National Ranking Times). The only training session you regret is the one you did not do, have no regrets see you at the pool. Dan.







If there are any parents interested in volunteering within the club, to help in any way please contact Neil Hawkins at winsfordasc@sky.com

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